Related by Medium and Geography – 1st Edition of a Print Show (June 27 – July 20)

The artworks shown here — mostly gathered from private collections in Doha – are examples by artists from the region who still value the craftsmanship of printmaking and of limited editions. The fact that the medium of prints raises the interest of serious art buyers and can be found in some of the most prestigious collections reflects the openness of the art market to non-individual artworks.

Since around the 1960s, printmaking, a medium that existed for centuries in all corners of the globe, has made a big reappearance in the contemporary art scene, making it an experimental and lucrative tool for artists. Since then, digital printing and mass-produced contemporary artworks have been exhibited in the most well established galleries and museums around the world. Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and other artists such as Katharina Fritsch, Damien Hirst, to name but a few, raise bewildering sums in dealers courts and auction houses—and the trend continues.

This exhibition attempts to put weight on prints as unique artworks and raise the question of value of editions in the art market.


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